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Introducing the prêt-à-porter of bathrooms. Cult Stella is a world tailored for the goddess in you. Hana, founder of The Stella Collective and Cult Stella believes in the pursuit of ease when it comes to renovations by removing any chance of costly design mistakes and shortfalls, creating a product that is, in all senses, the ‘ready to wear’ for bathrooms. Cult Stella is a true reflection of The Stella Collective’s love of neo classical design and the act of self care in a modern world.

Cult Stella is such a unique concept, one that required a specific and considered market approach. It was important that we captured Cult Stella in all of its glory from inspiration to execution. Inspired by traditional cultures, religious customs and historical rituals, Cult Stella is an imagined blending of the highest ideals of beauty and design.

Cult Sella
Location: Melbourne, Victoria.